The insurgence of the struggle has made many political activists of the crises vulnerable and exposed to the drag nets of the regime as most southern Cameroonians who manifested their involvement to the struggle in one way or the other are being hunted till date. All southern Cameroonians who are in the diaspora are considered threats, suspects and wanted by the ruling government since it is believed that they are the ones prolonging the on – going crises in southern Cameroon. Recently,a certain Ms Besong Esther Agbor a native of Kembong village Manyu division and a representative of the English speaking southern Cameroonians in Thailand who spear headed some political meetings in Bamenda in April this year and visited the IDP’s from her village is currently in hiding as her political activism was not void of consequences .She is being hunted by the authorities especially as her political gesture diverted the indegenes from their citizenship rights to match ,handicapped and cost a live as a result of gun shots from the military. As we write,she is on the run for her live since one of her cohorts is already in the military drag nets for interrogation and the other Whose name Tort got as Mr. Nji Andreas is also on the run as the military constantly storm the quarters in search for her, where she orchestrated these meetings .Since then,Andreas has not enjoyed any freedom like any other indigene for fear that he could be arrested too since pressure from the military caused an eye witness to spot him .One can imagine what awaits Ms.Besong – the main architect of this whole drama should the authorities get hold of her; the worst will surely be inevitable.

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