The exchange of gunshots has become a normalcy in Bamenda and the restive areas of the Northwest Regions of Cameroon as confrontations have been on going between the separative fighters and the military. Since the 31st of January, 2022.Sporadic gunshots have been rampant around Santa, Bali, mile 90, Mbengwi road lasting for 30minutes or longer hours in some cases .The government seems to use shootings to resolve the crises.
According to sources from GZ, the soldiers consider the separatists fighters as rebels, while the latter consider the former as illegal occupants of their land. And so, whenever the two elephants meet, it sparks off a fight . But, as the saying goes, ‘’when two elephants fight, the grass suffers’’. Civilians have always been the victims of stray bullets from shootings. Bullets can sometimes meet one at one’s door stairs or on a normal daily activity or business errand, one gets entangled at the scene of a shoot -out .This has led to many unprecedented deads and injuries of indigenes of the attacked areas. sources from GZ have said that it is unpredictable how a single day may look like since there is uncertainty as the day unfolds.
On Monday the 31st January, 2022, the separatists fighters went on a rampage and over ran a military base in Bui division precisely beside water tank junction in kumbo -Banso clan, burnt and took over the barracks, causing the occupants to flee .
Incidentally, there has been some kind of an asymmetry war going on around the Mbengwi road as either sides can barely identify their opponents. Information reaching us via a telephone conversation say ,dressed en civil, in a private car ,a police patrol vehicle met with separatist fighters at Alabuka junction mbengwi road at S-Bend control check point beside the Ntanghang health centre on the 1st of February ,2022 and shot one separatist fighter .The separatists immediately retaliated and killed one officer in return .This provoked wild shootings as the boys immediately sort for back – up from Bamenda ,Ngenmboh and Mbengwi.The police vehicle has since been trapped. Until now the area is impassable. Nothing has been said or heard about the trapped police vehicle. Sources say bombs have been planted around the area and the indigenes attest to the fact that, they have been hearing bomb explosions around that area at night fall

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