On Sunday August 22,2021,elements of Militaire Camerounaise, the army of La Republique du Cameroon, a state –sponsor of terrorism ,carried out a terrorist attack at the Ntanfoang Presbyterian Church ,Savannah states of Ambazonia, Gun toting terrorist soldiers opened fire at the church premises during a Sunday live service .The lead pastor of the church ,Rev.Montoh Simon was seriously injured while another victim, Mami Grace died shortly after sustaining bullet wounds in the head. This is one out of several daily terrorists occurrences sanctioned by Cameroon’s official policy of ethnic cleansing  and genocide in the occupied territory of Ambazonia.

The AGovC through its department of Human Rights and Humanitarian Services (HHS)  condemns this terrorist attack against civilians in the strongest possible terms.The manner in which this dreadful but  bloody operation was executed calls  for concern. The colonial terrorist regime has lost even its sense of the fear of the Lord; as, the morning service  which was in progress was rudely interrupted by armed soldiers  in their official regalia and numbers  . These treacherous soldiers ,entered the church premises  and started firing gun shots at the unarmed Christians who answered present to the on  going  religious service that Sunday  morning . These  soldiers  who  were supposed to be law  abiding and protect the populace were instead the contrary .The question is ,for how long shall our people continue to go through the pains caused by this gruesome regime? It is saddened to say that ,there is a complete decadence in all its aspects  of the  ruling  regime . The same regime that claims that Cameroon is one and indivisible .

This day could be marked as a black Sunday  for the indigenes of Ntangfoang locality .What defeats any right thinking individual’s mind set  is the fact that ,the church premises  which is supposed  to be a safety  ground to take refuge in times of instability and chaos, has  instead  become  a harvesting ground for blood suckers and a testing venue for soldiers to exert the barrel of the gun to its apex . Unfortunately ,this thought of security and safety , has not been sustained since the commencement of this  unfortunate  resistance. This regime has proven to the southern Cameroonians that there is no hiding place. All these is due to the quest for power  of one man who out of greed, thinks that power should  belong  only to him alone . Kings like Herod, Solomon thought so too anyway , but God proved them wrong .The greatest irony is that ,the deaths of the other African leaders like the peaceful Nelson Mandela ,Thomas Sankara, Mobutu Seseseko and so on ;has never  rung any  bell to this blood tasty leader. However, one day, the day of the Lord shall come and this body shall go back to the  dust where it belongs and   the same power our African leaders think they are trying to protect and, or maintain , shall always be left behind .  The entire Ntangfoang village  is now gripped with fear as there is no longer  a safety ground  to find  refuge . The entire community and the family of Madam Grace in particular have no option rather than to embrace the abrupt pain of loosing their loved one .This physical , barbaric , psychological jeopardy and trauma perpetrated by the military  where humans are being killed like flies has crossed its bounds and should stop. The AGovC Leadership extends its heartfelt condolences to the entire Ntanfoang Prebyterian church and the families directly affected.

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